About us

Rhodoks Manpower Resources is an employment agency which is owner Managed and our Consultant and Support team are highly dedicated and carefully selected on this basis.  Therefore whether you are looking for a career move or looking to appoint you will receive a completely committed and dedicated service every step of the way.

Our company philosophy is to provide an honest, dedicated, cost effective and proactive, professional consultancy based recruitment service whilst remaining bespoke to individual requirements.  We listen to your requirements, we match based on careful listening and in turn we look to play a big part in your success.

As a team we strive for excellence at all times, continuously looking to improve our company and it's services.   Whether you are looking for a career change or looking to recruit, we listen in depth to your requirements and look at the bigger picture.  We offer advice based on years of experience and more important than anything else is our honesty.  We are not here to sell a job to an applicant or sell an applicant to an employer, that is a decision both parties need to make themselves all we do is present the facts.

Rhodoks Manpower Resources offer a fully bespoke package tailored to individual requirements whether you are an employer looking to appoint or looking for your next career move.

Our vision

To be amongst the leading recruitment services provider in the country by 2014. Our vision is to shape the future of Recruitment and HR Solutions, by introducing streamlined work flows that will propel growth in the industry and add value to our clients' human capital.

Our mission

To develop and maintain a clean and effective database for our clients
To provide an interactive platform to the candidates looking for career opportunities
To add a new sector to the portfolio every six months
To increase the geographic reach within the country

    Unique Sector Understanding

    We know the strategic, financial, cultural and operational challenges faced by companies in our market area and how they impact on the precise skill set and experience required.

    Track Record & Results Orientated

    We have proven our values as a trusted search partner that delivers on its promises to many market leading companies.

    Access to the right talent

    Our extensive and carefully nurtured global network provides an unparalleled “hidden pool of talent” to tap into. We have the credibility and ability to identify and approach the most appropriate industry professionals.

    Ambassadors for Our Clients

    Our industry reputation, sector knowledge and professional style ensures we present our clients opportunity with credibility, generate interest and create the right conditions to close the best candidate.

    Time to complete

    Our pro-active nature and market expertise means we are able to conduct assignments in a very time effective manner, and meet the most demanding timescales.

    Total Solution Partnership

    We save our Clients valuable management time using a trusted search partner that really understands their business needs, and delivers result across the organization.

    Emotional Commitment

    Each of our team takes great pride in the quality of their work and contribution to the successful completion of assignments. We are proud of the strong brand and niche industry reputation we have built.

    In every market and industry business performance is really human performance. The long term winners are always the companies that attract, develop and retain the best people and Rhodoks provide this opportunity to such skilled people

    “No matter where our clients do business they all share a certain universal realities as unique to each city, region, country or geography, there are a number of key common denominators”

    Rhodoks Manpower Services team has an experience to served various organizations that were looking for young talent. At present, we have a long list of Fortune 500 companies as our clients. We offer services for Manpower Recruitment all over India, right from for junior level, middle level, to senior Level Job Openings. The main office of the company is located in Tatanagar.

    Industry Specific Knowledge

    We have a 24-hours-ready team of professionals from various fields like wellness, marketing, Sales, finance, Insurance, operations, engineering, customer services, etc. With that kind of resource give us a cutting edge to understand the requirement of client and on the basis of their knowledge company match the most suitable candidate with given profile of client.

    Our Commitment

    · We will work with you to understand in detail the issues you face.
    · We will propose innovative intelligent solutions tailored to your needs.
    · We will give a clear statement of our terms of business and the arrangements under which we work.
    · We will always act under our guiding principles of integrity and ethics, respect and professionalism.

    Rhodoks Team

    Rhodoks is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Rhodoks 's team is a mixture of ethnics, caste, creed and gender. Rhodoks follows performance based growth and thus emphasizing on equality based work environment. Rhodoks team members are dedicated to every task under taken by them and they consistently deliver in their set time frame. Every Rhodoks employee lives the values of Rhodoks and is proud to be a part of its growing family. At RightMatch we understand that Team Work consists of a TEAM which has a group of people helping each other towards a common goal.

    We believe that one of the most rewarding ways to achieve business success is by teaming up with others that have the same dreams and desires, each person helping each other reach their business and financial goals. At Rhodoks our goals are clearly defined and aggressively sought after.


Our Resources

We have an intensive data bank of human resource varying from bottom level to highest level in skilled / semiskilled / fresh manpower.

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Client benefits

We are strategic tie ups with various companies facilitating the process of candidate selection.

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Rhodoks TEAM

Some of the best consultant are associated with us who posses wide market knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

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